Being successful in Horizon 2020 – Energy (2018-2020) funding opportunity requires having a well-shaped and competitive project idea from the start of your project preparation effort!

XLNCE is advising you on the:

  • State-of-the-art of your project idea through investigating what has currently or recently being funded that is of relevance. Avoiding duplication increases your chances for success. Focusing your efforts to high quality idea that goes beyond current state of the art saves you time and resources!
  • Helps you develop a well-shaped project idea outline (in 10 steps), covering the key question of the Excellence, Impact and Implementation project parts, thus creating a strong basis for further development into a full Horizon 2020 proposal.  The 10-step key questions are:
    • EXCELLENCE PART: 1. What are the main and specific objectives? 2. What is the core project idea / concept & methodology? 3. Who are the Target Groups / Key Stakeholders?
    • IMPACT PART: 4. How will you contribute to the Call Topic Expected Impact with this project work? 5. Any barriers/obstacles that may affect achieving the expected impact? 6. What are the main measures to maximise impact (dissemination & exploitation of results, as well as communication activities)?
      (e.g. plan for dissemination and exploitation of project’s results containing measures to be implemented during and after the end of the project. What are the appropriate communication activities?)
    • IMPLEMENTATION PART: 7. What major steps as work packages are needed in the project? 8. What will be the main results/outcome? (e.g. Key Deliverables) 9. Ideal Consortium (type of organisations, skills needed, geographical location)? 10. Estimated resources needed, total budget)?