Creating successful partnerships requires strong networking, intense contacts and decision on selecting best possible partners. It is time consuming and demanding yet very important aspect for success.

Successful consortiums are established by partners that have complementary knowledge, skills and contributions, demonstrating that jointly their project objectives will be met! Not only the composition but also the consortium size and geographic location must be appropriate.

XLNCE supports you with:

  • Assessing what type of partners you look for and is needed for the collaborative project consortium.
  • Upload your partner search or partner offer request to the appropriate services by the: CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information System) Partner Service, C-Energy 2020 network (the European National Contact Points network under Horizon 2020), and Enterprise Europe Network Cooperation Opportunities Database.
  • Using network of contacts across Europe and available partner search services in EU programmes.
  • Finding best complementary partners in different countries and regions across Europe.
  • Establishing initial contacts
  • Checking the potential suitable partner willingness to step into a consortium.
  • Advising you on making informed decision in selecting your complementary partners.
  • Put you in contact to establish the cooperation.

Our approach is tailor-made to your project needs.