XLNCE (‘Excellence‘) is a consulting company supporting organisations throughout Europe to successfully access EU Grant Funding opportunities for Research, Innovation and Market Uptake projects related to Low-Carbon, Clean and Energy Efficient Energy Systems and Built Environment. 

“We turn research & innovation ideas into excellent projects and increase your chances for success”

Who we are

  • Irena Kondratenko.
    Irena Kondratenko. Founder, Director

    I am the founder and director of XLNCE Consultancy and have 15 years extensive hands-on experience with EU funded research and innovation projects (developing proposals, project implementation and coordination). I have worked in research organisations in the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Belgium and have been project evaluator, reviewer and expert group member for the European Commission.

    As an architect with MSc in Environmental Science and PhD in Energy in Buildings, the expertise I offer is in line with the EU policy on ‘clean energy buildings’, and is specific to (non-exhaustive): Very Low / Nearly Zero / Energy Positive Buildings; Deep Renovation; Renewables; Built-in Photovoltaics; Smart Cities and Communities; Construction Skills.



  • STARS Grants 2019 funding programme, launched by the University of Padova (2019)
  • The Research Council of Norway, Knowledge-Building Projects for Industry (2019)
  • Business creation expert, (EIT) European institute of Innovation and Technology, KIC 2020 Business Plan (2019)
  • FWO, Research Foundation Flanders, PhD fellowships, (2019)
  • Energy Cluster ‘Flux50’, Evaluator research/feasibility projects (2019)
  • EUREKA-INNOWADE, VAP projects (2019)
  • FWO, Expert Panel, The Research Foundation Flanders, SB fellowships (2019)
  • Innovation-management expert, (EIT) European Institute of Innovation and Technology, KIC 2018 Grant Reporting (2019)
  • Evaluator ENERGIX energy efficient buildings programme in Norway, (2018)
  • Innovation-management expert, European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) KIC 2019 Business Plan (2018)
  • Evaluator, Societal Challenge 3: Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy, Horizon 2020, (2018)
  • FWO, Expert Panel, The Research Foundation Flanders, PhD fellowships (2018)
  • Low Carbon thematic expert, INTERREG Central Europe call (2018)
  • Evaluator, ENI CBC Med – Cross Border Cooperation in the Mediterranean (2018)
  • Expert Group Member EC – DG Research & Innovation, Evaluation methodologies for the interim and ex-post evaluations of Horizon 2020 (2016-2017)
  • Co-Author Report “Applying relevance-assessing methodologies to Horizon 2020” (2016-2017)
  • FWO, Expert Panel, The Research Foundation Flanders, PhD fellowships (2017)
  • Expert Panel, Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship, Feasibility Studies FLUX 50, (2017)
  • Evaluator, Horizon 2020 – Energy Call (2016)
  • Expert, Consultation Forum for Sustainable Energy in the Defence and Security Sector (2015-2016)
  • Evaluator, INNOCHEM, NCRD Poland R&D SME Grants (2017)
  • FWO, Expert Panel, The Research Foundation Flanders, PhD fellowships (2016)
  • Evaluator, Horizon 2020 – Energy Call (2015)
  • External Expert, OECD programme Development Skills for Green Growth (2014)
  • Evaluator, Horizon 2020 – Energy Call (2014)
  • Evaluator, Polish-Norwegian Research Programme, Small Grant Scheme (2013)
  • Evaluator,, FP7-2013 Energy Efficient Buildings Call (2012)
  • External Expert Energy Efficient Buildings, EASME Build Up Skills Pillar I (2011-2013)


Our clients are committed to the sustainable energy transition through the “energy efficiency first” principle, taking into account the societal benefits and using low carbon technologies, with the common goal to deliver cost-effective climate change mitigation for a 2-degree future.


EU programmes

XLNCE specializes in funding advice, support and capacity building services on the following EU programmes:

EC Horizon 2020
The EU Framework for research and innovation
Supporting environmental, nature conservation and climate action project
European Territorial Co-operation

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